Swing-A-Billy Chartbusters, Various Artists
Frankie Boy Records FBR011

Frankie Boy Records is a sub label of the well-known punk and ska label Wolverine Records and it is specialized in neo-swing, the freshest thing that happened to music in the last years! No constructed music on computers from some "clever" people at the big major labels, but handmade old-style music with a fresh touch of rock, ska, rockabilly and punk make the kids, their parents and their grandparents crazy in the USA. Just remind you the big success of the Brian Setzer Orchestra and the Cherry Poppin' Daddies! Unfortunenately it is very hard to get the CDs from most of these great bands here in Europe, but we will change this now! Frankie Boy Records is the first Swing-only Label of Germany, which will bring the Swing-Wave to the old continent! We will work together with the american label Slimstyle Records, which is one of the biggest for neo-swing in the States. But we are not limited on Slimstyle only, we will bring also other CDs from bands to Europe and also we have released the first neo-swing-compilation compiled in Germany!

The compilation series "Punk Chartbusters" is a great succes of Wolverine Records and one of the best selling punk compilations in Germany for years. Now with the release of "Swing-A-Billy Chartbusters" on Frankie Boy Records we give this series a fresh swingin' and boppin' injection. On this album, swing and rockabilly bands from all over the world are covering well known punk, alternative and rock classics and they gave these songs a brandnew flavor in what they calla Special Tribute to the Classics. Because of the fact that many swing and rockabilly will like these songs, as well as the people who were fans of the originals, this baby just might become a top-hit for Frankie Boy Records.

Bands include Lee Press-On & The Nails, The Bricats, Taggy Tones, The Dino Martinis, Lota Red, Deadcats, Dusty Fray & His Rough Ridin' Ramblers, Lucky Devils, Paul Galaxy & The Galactix. Covering songs of the likes of Misfits, Billy Idol, Ramones, Talking Heads, Manowar, Social Distortion, Animals, Santana, Nirvana, Sex Pistols, Radiohead, Adam & The Ants, Golden Earing.

Information provided by Frankie Boy Records, 2003

I must say, it does take some getting used to! Listening to songs that we, gray quiffed rockabillies, despised for many years is a bit odd to say the least. Although, of course, the style in most cases has been altered to swing, rockabilly, psychobilly or down right bullshit, it's still punk to me. Gotta go with the modern times, people claim. Well, if this is the start of a new era of rock 'n' roll music, I'd rather be stuck in the 50's...

Commented by The BlackCat, Februari 2003

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